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Request Quote Its name is not casual, because it comes of a careful research to spot and give man back his natural cycles of human being belonging to the mother earth and to the universe, so "blade of moon" or blade as a valley and moon as on element tightly connected to the earth, to its cycles of seeding, harvesting and life where man takes its part as a being belonging to the whole.
It is a farm of the 18th century inhabited by Coloni and Mezzadri, (Farmers and Share-Croppers), nowdays totally restructured after three years of minute work, with techniques of bio-architecture and feng-shui in the total respect of the place and its history; it is deep in 190 hectares of natural landscape, olive-groves, cherry orchards, almond groves and vineyards, all biologically cultivated and certified AIAB-ICEA.
The guest-rooms are the old residence of the farmers; today they are spacious and bright, they all have a fireplace, they look on to the farmyard and they are provided with warm water and heating thanks to 48 solar panels; there are date back to 1800 beds made with heart-wood of pine or olive-tree or brass-made, with natural latex mattress, unbleached cotton sheets and towels, olive-oil soaps; each details has been meticulously studied to let the energy move on to permit the guests feel the ancient savours.
In the total respect of the old structure and of our great rural building tradiction, the farm has been restructured with mortars and full natural materials, reusing also again the same materials, such as old planks, bricksand frames dated back to 1800 and other material as the red or yellow clay.
Beds are northern placed and the sharp edges have been replaced with rounded edges, because in the natural state all is round, all is harmony and all comes back to all.
The forty chimney-pots, the scattered "trulli" and the cave, they all tell the story of all the people that lived worked and rested in this beautiful and magic place.
There's a large library hall that favours reading and relaxing, while on the verandah that looks on to an infinite landscape guests can have breakfast with the tipical products of Lama di Luna: jams and eakes, "bruschette" and yougurts, cheeses and fruits.
In the morning there is the possibility to visit towns such as Trani, Andria, Minervino and so on, romanesque cathedrals, castles of the time of Frederic 1st Barbarossa /Castel del Monte), parts and natural places (park of the high Murgia, and Saline of Santa Margherita di Savoia).
For those who like nature, there's the possibility to take a walk on foot or with the mountain bike, and some lessons about the biological agricultural techniques or about the history of the ancient farmers that make it possible to know the essence of Lama di Luna perfectly.
In the evening guests can see unforgettable sunsets and cascades of stars, just like the farmers did when they retired to their rooms, satisfied with their day's work at Lama di Luna.

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  • Swimming pool
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